children's programsGrandma Joyce & the Kids

This is an educational program designed to teach children about aging, Alzheimer's disease, and show them how to visit and have fun with grandparents or other people who have memory loss and other age related disabilities.

The 45-minute interactive program includes story-telling, singing, and role-plays by the children who learn to be a �helper� to Grandma Joyce. Material contained in this program is appropriate for children from the second to the fifth grades.

The program is based on my first book, The Magic Tape Recorder, and includes the following:

  • What might happen when people get older
  • How memory works using a tape recorder
  • A �child friendly� explanation of Alzheimer's disease
  • Reminders that you cannot catch Alzheimer�s disease
  • Story dramatization of "Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge" by Mem Fox
  • Role plays with the children using toys as a focus of visits
  • Singing or playing kazoos
  • Questions from the children
  • Awarding of certificates to the children

This children's program has been presented in elementary schools and libraries throughout the country. It often generates newspaper stories like this one and this one and has enthralled television crews who have come to film the program for their local stations.

The children are given a certificate of appreciation and letter to their parents from the sponsoring senior living community at the end of the program. Children participating in this program have responded enthusiastically, as have their parents, here is what one had to say.

children's book agingThe Magic Tape Recorder

My first book was written for children, and is no longer in print. "The Magic Tape Recorder" is based on my experience teaching elementary school children how they can be "helpers" to people with memory loss and other problems related to aging like poor vision and hearing. Please visit for more information about the book.

For more information about offering a "Grandma Joyce & The Kids" in an elementary school or library please e-mail me at